Stimulating Intimacy in Your Relationship

Spark - Introduction

Learn how to develop a foundational infrastructure for your relationship using our four step process.

2 min. 19sec.

Spark Lesson One

Having an established and agreed process for communication can help reduce relationship challenges that are created when spouses are not tuned into to each other.

3min. 25sec.

Spark - Lesson Two

Every relationship has times when partners have disagreements.  A conflict strategy can facilitate quickly getting grievances aired in a solution oriented rather than an accusatory way, allowing for the air to be cleared and for bliss to be restored.

5min. 16sec.

Spark - Lesson Three

A strong relationship is an asset that provides security to both parties.  What are you doing to invest in it by nurturing the needs of your partner and your relationship.

2min. 48sec.

Spark - Lesson Four

Intimacy is an important part of every relationship.  Learn why it’s not always about sex but it is about physical and spiritual connection.

4min. 40sec.

Spark - Lesson Five

In this lesson you will learn how to explore, experiment and play to rekindle the physical excitement in your relationship.

4min. 40sec.

Spark - Lesson Six

Follow the guidelines in this lesson for a fresh start to intimacy in your relationship.

4min. 40sec.

Spark - Lesson Seven

Use these three remedies if you’re having trouble getting back in touch with your sensual side.

4min. 40sec.

Spark - Lesson Eight

It’s time to look at romance enhancement products (you know sex toys).

4min. 40sec.

Spark - Lesson Nine

Understand the importance of together time rituals and how to establish them.

4min. 40sec.

Spark - Lesson Ten

For our mature clients, learn why you’re never too old for sex.

4min. 40sec.

Spark - Lesson Eleven

Explore the language of intimacy and learn how to use it to excite your partner and your relationship.

4min. 40sec.

Spark - Lesson Twelve

Let’s learn the importance of planning the next time.

4min. 40sec.

Spark - Lesson Thirteen

A quick review and wrap up to assure things stay on track to greater bliss in your relationship.

4min. 40sec.

Spark - Lesson Fourteen

A final word in closing.  Let’s continue the conversation if you need more help.

4min. 40sec.